Interviewed by Mil

1) What do your favorite pair of shoes look like? well, they look like this:
my chucks
I freaken love them. Just imagine them a little more used.

2) What is your favorite kind of food to eat? It’s a tie between Mexican food and Italian. I especially love pastas with marinara sauce and camarones a la diabla (spicy shrimp).
3) If you could see any band/musician live, who would you see? Currently existing, former band, or deceased musician, doesn’t matter. Hmm… this one is a tough one because I like lots of different music but I guess it would have to be either System of a Down (so I could take my nephew Anthony… he loves them), Chris Brown (so I could take my nieces Marinna and Angelica and have Eddie pay for it), or Fall Out Boy… because I love Fall Out Boy.
4) If you surprisingly got a job acting and you got to pick whatever TV show you got to act in, what show would you pick? (I have a gut feeling you’re going to say CSI, Bones, or something along those lines…lol!) Hahaha… actually it would either be Grey’s Anatomy, House, or How I Met Your Mother. I would really love to be in How I Met Your Mother because Neil Patrick Harris is so hot in it and it would make my cousin so jealous.
5) What kind of toothpaste do you use? I use whatever is around. Right now it’s Crest Pro Health.

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