Theme: Write about something you need to practice more, be it a skill, a life lesson, however you want to interpret it.

Hmm… I think I need to practice the guitar more. I tried to learn about a year and a half ago from my uncle, but after that, I haven’t even touched the thing. I think if I start with a new guitar (the one I have used to belong to my best friend’s ex-husband) I will have more motivation to actually touch it. I want to be able to at least play a few songs. My only talent right now is singing so if I were to add guitar to the mix I think it would be an awesome outlet to everything.

The guitar has always fascinated me. I have always dreamed of being able to play the guitar and sing along to it. One day I will hopefully start the learning process again. I think I just need someone (or myself) to tell me to practice so I will become good. I think I also need a teacher willing to be patient with me.

One thought on “Practice

  1. I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar, but I’ve never been able to get my hands on one and learn. So far the only things I know how to play are the Flute and the Piano, and I haven’t touched either of them in forever.

    I have to agree that the guitar is a fascinating instrument. I would love to learn how to play it, but I have no idea where I would even begin to learn.

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