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Mar 16 2010

Funny Phone Call

I haven’t heard from my cousin Eddie in about a week now and I just received the most random phone call. It went something like this:

Andie: Hello?
Eddie: Hey, I need some medical advice from you, and I hope you know the answer.
Andie: ok… what’s up?
Eddie: Let’s say that you were doing your nails and that you were going to put on some fake ones.
Andie: Uh huh.
Eddie: And let’s say that when you go to put them on, you get glue on your fingers…. how do you get it off?
Andie: Nail polish remover.
Eddie: Let’s say you don’t have nail polish remover.
Andie: Try alcohol.
Eddie: Like Vodka or Tequila?
Andie: No, like rubbing alcohol.
Eddie: Well, let’s say that I don’t have rubbing alcohol.
Andie: I guess it could work with vodka or tequila.
Eddie: Thanks, let me know if you think of anything else.
Andie: No problem… it’s Meana, isn’t it? lol
Eddie: lol… bye.

So it’s either him that is putting fake nails on or it’s his daughter Meana… lol.

Jan 25 2009

Funny random quote

I was talking to Jared (one of Eddie’s Army buddies) and we were having a random conversation. Here’s a funny bit:
Andie: hahaha
watch, I’ll find those girl scouts and tell them to go bug you about buying cookies again
Jared: no please, baby jesus help me…tom cruise with your witchcraft…
Andie: muah ha ha ha ha

The girl scouts got him in Germany and is currently munching on a box of Thin Mints. hahaha.

Jan 15 2009

It’s my birthday

Well today is my birthday. I am officially 23 years old now. It feels weird knowing that I’m one year older. The best thing about today? Having Kim, my best friend, calling me to wish me a happy birthday. We laughed about stupid things on the phone and it was great. I really miss her.

A lot of people have wished me a happy birthday and it’s been great. I got a happy birthday from as far away as Germany (Jared the army boy) and as close as L.A. (my sibs and parents). I love everyone who has wished me a happy birthday.

I haven’t really done anything today and am finishing the night doing nothing at all. It kinda sucks but hey, that’s life. No party for me. Well, my family and I are having dinner on Saturday to celebrate my birthday so it’s not too bad. Today feels like any other day which sucks on its own because it’s the first actual birthday I spend at home in 4 years… 4 years! So happy birthday to me.

Funniest birthday wishes:
Eddie: happy birthday foolio.

Pris: Andie Pandie, sweet as candy…getting older is just dandy!
Hahahaha, I can rhyme!!
Happy Birthday lovely!!

Daniel: wooh…
i would give you a better comment thinggy but…

ok i dont no why i didnt send you a comment thinggy…

but whatever…

oh yah happy birthday…
thats what i was suppost to say…


good luck???

(as you can tell i am not the greatest and talking/typing)

(I love my friends and my cousin) :love: :love: :love: