Job Interview

I went to a job interview yesterday at Dodger’s Stadium for an Usher job. I had gone on Saturday to their job fair and got called for a second interview. I was told that out of the 7,000 people they interviewed on Saturday/Sunday, only 300 were chosen for the second interview. Out of those 300 they are interviewing, only 30 are going to be chosen. Obviously I have the odds stacked up against me getting the position, but hopefully I get it so that I can work for a full month before leaving for Mexico (I really need the money hehehe).

I’ve been looking into what medical schools to apply to and so far I’ve chosen two. I am really liking the idea of UC Davis Medical School, especially since it’s in Sacramento. I’ve never been to Sacramento and it’s close enough to family members so I won’t feel lonely. I keep looking at their program and keep getting drawn to it. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get in. The second choice I’ve been looking at is UAG Medical School. Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I wouldn’t mind getting into that med school either because I have family in the next state over that I could probably visit. I like that in your first year you are really put out there to practice medicine and it would be a great opportunity to study Spanish. Yes, I speak Spanish and can understand/read it but I feel like I couldn’t lose with learning more Spanish, especially if I want to deal with patients in the future. Sometimes I think it would be a great asset as a medical examiner because I would be able to speak with the families of the deceased (kind of like Dr. G does on tv, but in Spanish). I’m still looking for more but haven’t really been convinced by other programs. I’m not sure if I want to go really far from family again, like I did for college. Yes, it was fun, but sometimes I just wished I could go home on the weekends like the other kids.
I’m also intrigued by the American University of the Caribbean (a former high school teacher of mine’s alma mater) but I still have to look into it more.

There’s just too many decisions to make in the next coming year but I hope to start medical school sometime soon. I wanna be a doctor dammit! hahaha.

So many hardships…

Looking at the economy how it is now, I guess I was expecting something to happen in my family… and it did. My dad was laid off today because of the “slow market” and because of the “recession in the economy”. When he got home, he seemed normal, like any other Thursday. About an hour later he told me. I helped him fill out his Unemployment form and I guess it made it real to me. He worked for that company for over 14 years (was supposed to make it to the 15 year mark in July). I just think that it’s dreadful how companies take people that gave so much of their lives to it and just let them go like that.

I’m just hoping that everything turns out for the best. I mean, my dad was planning on retiring soon anyway, so I guess it’s a way for retiring him earlier than expected.

I’ve been continuing to apply to place after place after place in order to find a job. I went to an employment test yesterday for a temporary job with the U.S. Census and I hope I get it. I did well on the test and now I’m just waiting for a call. Other places that I’ve applied to have gotten back to me to tell me that I don’t meet certain qualifications for the job and such. It just really brings a person down to keep getting rejections after rejections after rejections. I’ve just gotten so tired of sending in my resume and either not hearing back or hearing back because I’ve been rejected. Ugh, whoever made finding a job so hard needs to try it themselves and change this. :uhm: