Funny random quote

I was talking to Jared (one of Eddie’s Army buddies) and we were having a random conversation. Here’s a funny bit:
Andie: hahaha
watch, I’ll find those girl scouts and tell them to go bug you about buying cookies again
Jared: no please, baby jesus help me…tom cruise with your witchcraft…
Andie: muah ha ha ha ha

The girl scouts got him in Germany and is currently munching on a box of Thin Mints. hahaha.

It’s my birthday

Well today is my birthday. I am officially 23 years old now. It feels weird knowing that I’m one year older. The best thing about today? Having Kim, my best friend, calling me to wish me a happy birthday. We laughed about stupid things on the phone and it was great. I really miss her.

A lot of people have wished me a happy birthday and it’s been great. I got a happy birthday from as far away as Germany (Jared the army boy) and as close as L.A. (my sibs and parents). I love everyone who has wished me a happy birthday.

I haven’t really done anything today and am finishing the night doing nothing at all. It kinda sucks but hey, that’s life. No party for me. Well, my family and I are having dinner on Saturday to celebrate my birthday so it’s not too bad. Today feels like any other day which sucks on its own because it’s the first actual birthday I spend at home in 4 years… 4 years! So happy birthday to me.

Funniest birthday wishes:
Eddie: happy birthday foolio.

Pris: Andie Pandie, sweet as candy…getting older is just dandy!
Hahahaha, I can rhyme!!
Happy Birthday lovely!!

Daniel: wooh…
i would give you a better comment thinggy but…

ok i dont no why i didnt send you a comment thinggy…

but whatever…

oh yah happy birthday…
thats what i was suppost to say…


good luck???

(as you can tell i am not the greatest and talking/typing)

(I love my friends and my cousin) :love: :love: :love:

Motivational Speech

This was the little motivational speech Eddie gave me before I went ahead and got the Inauguration Parade tickets he wanted.

Andie: 5 minutes left
Eddie: at this time
please bow ur head
hold ur dog tags and a cross wrapped around ur neck
pray for those u love, for those who love u, and for those who are about to do battle by your side
you have one mission
complete it..and return to those u love
if u do what is meant of u
you will succeed
you will be somebody
you will forever etch your name in the sands of time
your brothers to the left and right of you
will carry this burden along side of u
and will do what they need to…to bring you back to your loved ones
how ever this ends
you will do what is right
you will do what is asked
you will succeed
i expect nothing less
you will do nothing less
for you are the ones who answered the call..that so many have ignored
you are the ones
who will have a legacy
of none other
you will……YOU WILL….
for ever be linked with today
for you are a soldire
god speed……..
Andie: what’s a soldire?
Eddie: soldier
but cuz ur fake.
u get the wrong spelling
Andie: hahaha thanks
Eddie: one minute
watch the green light
do what u came to do
Andie: I got my dog tags around my neck and my rosary… let’s do this

(10 minutes later, I got the tickets :smile: )

Let’s hear it for family drama-rama

This weekend I was supposed to see my cousin (who also happens to be one of my bestest friends). I love him to death, we’re that close. Anyway, so he was supposed to come and spend the night at my house, meet his brother, and hell, spend time with me because we’re cool like that. Well, it never happened. It’s not his fault and I totally understand but I was still upset about it. Now whose fault was it that he didn’t come? His fathers. My uncle was supposed to come with him but due to his psycho mistress (because hell, that’s what she is) they didn’t come at all. Well from that stemmed two letters. One from the mistress to my cousin’s wife and the other from my cousin to my uncle’s mistress. I don’t want to post its entirety here because hey, it’s family stuff, but here’s a few excerpts from it. First, the letter from the mistress:

I know you all think of me as the worst thing that has
happened to your family, but I will tell you one thing, if it was not for me
this man would be dead or in jail, and I don’t say that to make me look
good, i say it because it’s true…

I am not the best person in the world for being with a married man, but I am
the best thing that has ever happened to this man.

I think he does it [lying] because he does not want to hurt anybody, he loves his
kids and his grandchildren…especially [insert my nephew’s name here].

I don’t want my son to lose a second father as he did his first.

I am not a bad person, nor do I wish to hurt anybody, I can’t
hurt someone that I truly love or anyone he loves

Well, before I continue, let me just say… WTF? First of all, she had no right to send this to my cousin’s wife. Better yet, she should have sent it to my cousin himself, not go through someone else. It’s completely annoying and causes more drama than it should. Second of all, she thinks way too highly of herself. Ok continuing on, here’s my cousin’s response (excerpts of course):

Wow [mistress], you really think highly of yourself, which is a good trait, but how about you let others judge your worthiness, instead of judging yourself, because as we all know, everybody thinks of themselves as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that does not make it so.

I do not need you telling me how much my father loves me, for HE tells me, and that is the only person I need telling me, not his mistress.

I call you his mistress, not to be hurtful, but because that is what you are, his mistress.

If you had self respect, you would have made him leave his wife, and not be “the other woman” or “la otra”. But by you being my father’s mistress, you have caused problems, and with no remorse from either of you, really shows a lot about both your characters.

You may think that the small piece of family you have met considers you family, but trust me, as I do know, that is not the case. It is hurtful being laughed at when one is not listening. You are still considered “la otra” and though they are friendly to your face, it’s an ongoing joke after you have left.

You also say that if not for you, my father would be dead or in jail. You really must not know too much about my father, so let me help you out. If it wasn’t for my mom, he would have been dead or in jail many decades ago.

Do not think that the last six years gives you any right to talk down to me, or allows you a pedestal to sit on. If you think that you are the reason he is still here, please, take the time to really learn about a man you think you know about.

If anything, you should be asking for forgiveness for all the betrayal, family problems, and lies you two have engaged in, but instead, you reach out to inform me that I need to see where you are coming from, and pray my dad does not get sick and die which would leave your son fatherless again. I don’t mean to be blunt, but the honest truth is, my father is not your son’s father, he is just a father figure. If my father becomes ill, it is my kids, my brothers, and my mom I will worry about, and no one else.

This past weekend, I was trying to spend time with my father, my son, and a brother I was about to meet. The two of you ruined that, and according to him, you were stalking him and threatening to call the police if he spent time with me.

I am not a cruel person, nor am I a foolish one. I am also not a child anymore, and I am stronger then you think. Please do not bring up my sons name, for you do not have that right. My dad and I will fix our relationship; we always do, because I love him….

Trust me, the letter was really long and it really hit their targets in all aspects. My cousin has every right to answer this way to a woman who is trying to force her way into our family. Apparently we’re that cool that people want to be us. We’re a big deal.
I’m just so glad that a lot of stuff that had to be said was said. I can’t wait to see what the mistress’ response is going to be.

Random quote of the day:
Eddie: I think the only thing she can tell me about him that I don’t know is his favorite sexual position
Andie: ewwwww! I’d rather not think about that.